Michelle 32 Sydney

I suffered from hayfever since I was 12. Occasionally it was so bad that I had to take time off work, especially in spring. I would also get skin rashes. I had tried many things including diet eliminations.  I started Homeopathics and immediately noticed the change. Within three weeks I was down from taking one or two Zyrtecs every day, to one or two a week.  That first spring was great. Instead of getting worse it was actually getting better. Now one year on, and two more consultations with Kylie later I would rate my hayfever as 90% better. I don’t take any medication at all. I still occasionally get the odd episode and a few doses of the homeopathic clears it quickly. I can’t believe after all these years the answer was right there. Highly recommended.

Margot 41 Sydney

I woke up one morning and just started sneezing and getting runny eyes out of the blue. I had no idea why. It would get better through the day, and then the next morning [it would] be back. Nothing had changed in my life that I could work out what was causing it. This went on for about three weeks every day. I was starting to panic that it was not going to disappear, and I visited Kylie. The next day when I woke up I started to sneeze. I took a dose of her medicine, and the sneezing just stopped.  The following morning, the sneezing started again. I took another dose, and again it just stopped straight away. The next day I woke up and felt normal – no sneezing, no runny eyes. It has never returned. I still have the bottle there just in case, but I feel like I won’t need it again.

“How Homeopathy saved our lives” – Rachel, Sydney

My son had severe eczema  starting at age 1– all over his head and body. He couldn’t sleep at night, he bled all over the sheets, to the point where he was unable to attend kindergarten. He was a risk due to infection from the open wounds. I navigated the health system for 5 years. I was given course after course of cortisone, and the steroids just kept getting stronger and stronger and more and more. No one could tell me why it was happening, or how I could prevent this from happening –what I could do. It was all about “maintenance”. I felt powerless.

His skin was getting thin and papery from the creams.

At its worst he was up all night crying. He would beg us to help him but there was nothing we could do to help.  It was the worst feeling a mother could ever experience.  The final straw was when we went to the GP and he said there is nothing further we can do for you. The specialist then suggested that he should be bathed in bleach. At this point I came home and decided to draw the line there. My husband and I said “no more”.

I was referred to Homoepathy, and started treatment immediately.  Within six months, with a combination of Homeopathy and dietary changes, and no other medicines or steroids, it was almost gone, just a couple of patches behind his knees.

Simon 57

I have had problems with urination for quite a few years now, and they were getting worse. In winter especially I was having to get up at least four to five times or more a night, and I felt like I could stand there for hours. If I drank a few beers it would be even worse.

I was diagnosed with enlarged prostate, but didn’t want to take drugs because I was worried about side effects, so I put up with it. When I came to Sydney I decided to try Homeopathy. I figured that I didn’t have much to lose, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that within a short time I started to get a lot of improvement. I know it was the homeopathic because I live in the country, and when I ran out it got worse again. Kylie sent me some more, and it improved again. Now I take the homeopathic and it keeps everything under control. It hasn’t gotten worse, which it was doing before. My flow is much better, I spend a lot less time in the bathroom, and it feels much less pressure. A bad night now is getting up two times, and I even have the odd sleep through. I can live with that.

Justin,  42, Chronic Insomniac – 1.5 years later

I had insomnia since my teens and it has been a big problem through my life. When I saw Kylie I was getting bouts of insomnia every couple of weeks, and when I was stressed, it was night after night.

When she saw me she questioned me about my anxieties and a feeling of depression which I realised I have felt most of my life, but which I thought was just normal.

When I first took her medicine I got this massive boost of energy and felt like I was a different person. My energy and enthusiasm for everything increased massively. I actually didn’t sleep for a few days, but it was OK. I felt good. Since then my insomnia has disappeared, except for occasional nights when I get really stressed over the normal triggers. A dose of the medicine calms it down straight away. I no longer have those prolonged bouts of insomnia, and I feel like I handle my life much better. I am more productive, make better decisions and feel better about myself.

Sandra, New Mother

My beautiful peaceful little 6 week old baby woke up one day, and just started screaming.

This went on for days. Nothing was found wrong with her. She wouldn’t sleep or be put down. The whole house was getting near to complete collapse after the fourth night of constant crying and walking. The next morning I saw Kylie and straight after the second dose of the medicine, she passed an enormous amount of wind! I was surprised that someone that small could have such a large amount! She then dropped straight off to sleep and slept solidly for 5 hours. She must have been even more exhausted than me. When she woke, she was a different baby. This stressful experience has actually turned out to be a great thing for all of us, as from that moment on we were hooked on Homeopathy, and have used it to treat the whole family. We are now a family that has not had panadol, worm medicines, or antibiotics since. And my oldest son got through a whole winter without using an asthma puffer.

Cassandra 37, first child

When my baby was 10 weeks old I got mastitis. I had expressed milk for the first time that afternoon. Within a few hours I started to feel unwell, and an hour after this I had a temperature, shakes, and my breast was hot, red and swollen. Feeding was very painful. The next morning I started to get the same in my other breast.

I was really under the weather. I received antibiotics, which helped, but the moment I finished the course, the symptoms came back – straight away.

The second course of antibiotics seemed to do the same for a few days, but even before I was two thirds through, it came back.

At this point my doctor recommended a third course of really strong antibiotics.

I was getting desperate. I was really under the weather, in great pain, and had now been going through on and off over two weeks of pain. I was worried about the effect of these antibiotics, and what if they didn’t work either? but also having to stop feeding, which I didn’t want to do. I was ready to give up though.

Luckily Kylie stepped in at this moment. She talked with me over the telephone as I couldn’t cope with coming out, and dropped the medicine off.

By the end of that day, where I took a fair bit of it, I was much, much better. From the moment I started taking it, it was like everything became bearable. I was able to deal with feeding. It disappeared completely in the next day or so.

I continued to take a squirt a day for about a week afterwards and it never returned. I also realised that after this, I became a lot calmer, and much less emotional about everything, something I hadn’t even realised was happening before!