The Consultation


Acute consultations normally take between 30 - 45 minutes. These are recommended for acute and transient illnesses and conditions. Depending on the acuteness of the situation I normally like to have a follow up conversation within a day or so. This can be done by telephone if necessary.

Conditions of a more long standing, chronic or serious nature will involve a full consultation which may take up to 1.5 hours. A complete history is taken, which includes  review of current medical conditions, previous illnesses and family history of disease.

Other questions may be asked to ascertain your individual constitutional reactions, such as appetite , thirst, emotional and mental reactions, stresses, dreams, susceptibility to heat or cold, and others depending on the nature of the condition and the treatment process.

Suitable medicines which take into account this information are selected.In a chronic treatment health plan, it is recommended that a follow up consultation be undertaken in 3 weeks. The progress of the treatment can be ascertained and fine tuned. After this, follow up consultations, if they are required, are spaced out as the process of treatment requires less and less supervision on the road to optimum health.

Initial consultation is $120.00. All appointment follow up consultations are $90.00, or short consultations by telephone are $45.00.

The cost of an initial child consultation is $90.00, or $120.00 for a CEASE consultation. Follow up consultations are $60.00.

 If the situation is urgent, please leave a message and I will call you back as quickly as I can between consultations.