What does Homeopathy Treat?


The remedy is an artificial disease and stronger than the natural disease. When introduced into the body it displaces the weaker (natural) one. Then, because it is artificial, it fades, leaving the body ready to be, once again, governed by the vital force, i.e, the instinctive life principle .........It is the remedy alone that heals, ......the vital force, which is waiting for health to resume its normal functioning. The Organon of Medicine, Edn 6. Dr Samuel Hahnemann, founder  of modern Homeopathy

Homeopathy is used in the treatment of chronic illnesses, acute conditions, and first aid. It treats many, many conditions and illnesses. Homeopathy is recognised by the World Health Organisation as the second most used system of medicine in the world.

It can treat anything from sinusitis, to cancer, to asthma, to irritable bowel syndrome

In countries like the United Kingdom and India, Homeopathic hospitals are part of the National Health System. In India, over 10,000 doctors use Homeopathy to treat their patients. It is widely used in Europe, and gaining popularity in many other countries, including Australia.

Its powerful healing effects are in contradiction to its very safe, gentle and non toxic application. It can be used in all stages of life - by the very young, elderly, and during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Animals are also treated with Homeopathy. 

Another reason for the popularity of Homeopathy around the world are the experiences of its deep and wholistic action on the body in the treatment of chronic illness. By selecting medicines based on the presentation of individual symptoms rather than blanket prescriptions, many people have found that "incurable" problems disappear, symptoms become manageable without drugs that cause side effects, the tendencies to illness are reduced,  and other unrelated symptoms that they may be experiencing are also resolved.

These can include energy levels, moods, and physical and emotional reactions to individual stresses. This is a marker of deeper constitutional healing.

Clinical trials continue to show it to be effective in upper respiratory illnesses, infections of the ear, nose, throat and urinary system, IBS, migraine, diarrhoea and constipation, hormonal disturbances, and trauma and injury recovery.

I get asked time after time - why have I not heard of this in Australia?  All I can say to that is that knowledge is power, and if you are here, you have taken the first step on the profound road of Homeopathic healing.

Many have decided that if the choice is to spend a small amount of money on  Homeopathy and risk getting better, or remain ill in the world of conventional drugs, they are prepared to take the risk.

The Homeopathic Revolution in Healthcare
Watch the Homeopathic Revolution video, hosted by Dana Ullman, MPH, on YouTube.

You can visit the Australian Homeopathic Association website for more information on the theory, methodology and history of Homeopathy.

Some medical research organisations around the world are starting to design clinical trials that can encompass the individualistic approach used by Homeopathy . With very interesting results...Swiss Govt. Report on Homeopathy Abstract

Pubmed has an abstract and results for the Swiss Government's report on Homeopathy.