Acne is attributable to the action of androgen hormones irritating and inflaming the sebaceous glands of the skin – usually the face, causing raising and redness.  Due to the surges and fluctuations of teenage years, this is the most common time of occurrence, and it is thought that up to 80% of teenagers suffer from it at one time or another.

Adolescent acne is suffered more commonly and more severely, by males, which passes in the 20’s, but adult acne tends to be a condition that is experienced more by women.

When adults usually experience it is in times of hormone fluctuations such as before, during or after the menstrual cycle, during pregnancy, or as a symptom of hormonal imbalance conditions, such as polycystic ovarian syndrome, and Cushing’s syndrome.

It is benign and self-limiting, except in severe circumstance where scarring can occur, but most people suffering from acne will want to treat it for obvious reasons.

How Homeopathy can help

Homeopathy can treat the actual inflammatory outbreak symptoms, helping them to pass quickly and without complication.

It can help to address the underlying hormonal fluctuations and imbalances to reduce the occurence of outbreaks, whilst supporting a gentle, natural, balanced response through the transitions of life.

It can treat skin infections when they occur. Dealing with the infection helps to reduce the aggravating symptoms, and prevent potential scarring.

Common tips for acne

Common medical treatments include application of benzoyl peroxide based creams but this can cause the skin to become dry and flaky.

Salicylic acid (naturally occurring in foods) can dissolve and prevent the blackhead “plug”.

Foods high in Salicylates are fruit and vegetables! Many fruits are high, especially berries, as well as some veg – especially tomatoes, broccoli, spinach (the white stems one of the highest sources), green capsicum, olives, alfalfa and sweet potato, almonds and peanuts.

(Although nuts are implicated in acne aggravation in the diet so might be best to avoid).

A steep of alfalfa, and spinach (silver beet -most especially the white stems) in boiling water, cooled, and then used as a face wash or poultice with clean cloth has been found by many to be effective.

Other foods or supplements that can be considered are zinc, and vitamin A, due to their antibacterial, and healing action on the skin.

Foods implicated in acne flare ups – sugar! Especially chocolate, fizzy drinks (especially caffeine containing), nuts, and excessive dairy.

Homeopathy is useful in treating the acute flare ups, reducing the potential for infection, and homeopathic medicines such as Sepia, Pulsatilla and Aurum Metallicum (to name just a few) are wonderful for rebalancing the hormones - treating the symptom at the deeper levels to reduce the susceptibility for outbreaks. As a wholistic treatment, a good homeopathic medicine will also take into account emotional symptoms that can often accompany transition periods such as adolescence, pregnancy, mid life, helping not only to rebalance the physical symptoms such as acne, but emotional ups and downs that invariably accompany it.