Asthma and Eczema


Both asthma and eczema are thought to be a hypersensitive, hyperactive immune related response to certain triggers.

Patients in the clinic, and many people around the world have ceased to have the symptoms of asthma after Homeopathic intervention. They no longer need drugs, nor do they have the symptoms of either the chronic or acute asthma episodes.

The National Asthma Foundation state that asthma is a condition that cannot be cured, but only managed. The management of asthma and eczema  is based on steroidal intervention to manage the symptoms. These are well known to have often severe and long term consequences on health, especially if used in large doses over long periods.

As each individual experiences asthma and eczema  in a different way, with different triggers, the individualised approach of  Homeopathic treatment aims to reduce or remove the symptoms of the acute episode, as well as providing intercurrent constitutional support, to address the unique aspects of a persons  reaction to their environment, and the underlying constitutional issues that lead to this condition, thereby acting at a deeper level to remove the hypersensitivity , and reduce the frequency and severity of episodes over time.

Some people develop asthma as a complication of simple and common respiratory illnesses. Here, Homeopathy would attempt to intervene quickly and effectively in the treatment of the respiratory illness, thus “heading of at the pass”, the development of the asthma as a complication.

We are of course, not allowed to talk about "Homeopathy curing Asthma". That is a claim that can only be made by those who have experienced this on a personal level.  My solution to this dilemma is to come and try it. You may become one of the many whose personal stories are a testament to a life free from the symptoms of asthma, eczema, and other "uncurable" health conditions, and the drugs used to treat them.

Take up the Homeopathy challenge and become part of the Homeopathic Revolution in healthcare.


A parents testimonial to her sons eczema and Homeopathy

             Rachel, Sydney

My son had severe eczema  starting at age 1– all over his head and body. He couldn’t sleep at night, he bled all over the sheets, to the point where he was unable to attend kindergarten. He was a risk due to infection from the open wounds. I navigated the health system for 5 years. I was given course after course of cortisone, and the steroids just kept getting stronger and stronger and more and more. No one could tell me why it was happening, or how I could prevent this from happening –what I could do. It was all about “maintenance”. I felt powerless.

His skin was getting thin and papery from the creams.

At its worst he was up all night crying. He would beg us to help him but there was nothing we could do to help.  It was the worst feeling a mother could ever experience.  The final straw was when we went to the GP and he said there is nothing further we can do for you. The specialist then suggested that he should be bathed in bleach. At this point I came home and decided to draw the line there. My husband and I said “no more”.

I was referred to Homoepathy, and started treatment immediately.  Within six months, with a combination of Homeopathy and dietary changes, and no further medicines or steroids, it was almost gone, just a couple of patches behind his knees.

Labour minister Peter Hain’s child cured of asthma and eczema  with Homeopathy