REGISTERED CEASE THERAPIST.  CEASE - Complete Eradication of Autism Spectrum Expression 

With experience and speciality in the homeopathic treatment of ASD, as well as issues such as PCCNOS, primary speech delay and childhood obsessive compulsive or anxiety behaviour has shown me that these conditions (all part of the same continuum of neurological, autoimmune dysfunction in my opinion) can be reversed using homeopathic medicines combined with selective nutritional supplementation and short term dietary regime.

Classical homeopathy has a good track record for the treatment of these issues as it is one of the few systems of medicine that encompass all of the spheres of illness - mental, emotional and physical. ASD and learning delays are most definitely those illnesses which encompass all of these layers.

Homeopathy also treats the basis of cause of disease. This is where CEASE therapy seems to be very effective in that it addresses potential causes using homeopathic detoxification to both neutralise and repair from substances that contribute to this condition. I have found the use of CEASE therapy in combination with classical homeopathic medicines to be far more effective for more children, than just the use of classical homeopathy alone. 

There is much debate about the causes of this epidemic of neurological diseases of children. Note my use of the word disease, rather than disorder is deliberate. The word "disorder" in medicine is used commonly for a fixed condition that has no end. The word "disease" is used to describe an externally imposed condition that can be recovered from. This is my experience of ASD, and also my approach to the treatment of it.  

The bulk of conventional medical practice still consider it to be genetic in cause, but this cannot account for the huge increase since it was first identified in the late 1940's where this newly identified condition was estimated to affect one in 50,000 children. Just between 2012 - 2015 the Australian Bureau of Statistics reported a 75% increase in ASD diagnosis and it is now estimated that one in 5 children have some form of developmental delay.  Parents who often had a normal child who regressed, or have no history of this in their family are left scratching their heads, and more importantly, feeling completely (and wrongly) impotent from this genetic diagnosis. 

For myself and many others working on the front line of this epidemic the ultimate cause boils down to toxins and toxic exposures. This is backed up by remarkable reversal and improvement when children are able to be homoeopathically detoxified. 

There is no doubt that genetic factors can contribute in some children. The identification of aberrations of the MTHFR and a number of other genes has been identified in the increased prevalence of ASD and other developmental delays. It is not surprising, as these genes are involved in the proper functioning of the methylation pathway, which protects cells against inflammation, free radical damage, and is the main pathway for detoxification via production of glutathione - one of our best detoxifying substances. However it is not the gene, that is not uncommon, (it has been identified that some populations have 40% of this genetic aberration present), it is the toxins. So even more reason to use homeopathic detoxification in these children. 

But there are many children who do not have this genetic factor. For them, it may be an accumulation of a number other factors which inhibit their ability to detoxify:  a random greater exposure to toxins, or even just what I call a "toxic assault moment" that follows a stress, sends their homeostasis out of balance, and they are just unable to overcome. A toxic assault moment may be a nasty batch of a vaccine, and a stress might be a fever suppressed with paracetemol, a stressful birth, stress in the home, or even just a course of antibiotics given in a vulnerable moment. 

The ultimate cause is the toxic exposures, the effect is the inability to adequately cope with them, leaving them to wreak the now well known damages to the gut and brain, (e.g. heavy metals, vaccines), and in some instances little known (sinus and indigestion drugs, paracetamols and antibiotics). 

The stories behind the children are many and varied, but contain common threads. The methylation and glutathione pathways are affected by stress - so stress and anxiety issues can have ongoing effect on the biochemistry of the child. Vaccines and heavy metals are commonly implicated. Parents sometimes report a never well since a vaccine event, or a never well since a traumatic birth or anxious pregnancy. If the child has difficulty detoxifying there will always be a build up of heavy metals involved that cause neurological blockages, even if the exposure itself was not any higher than that which is common for children nowadays. Heavy metals can have intergenerational cumulative effects too, so parents who are high can pass on this load to their children. 

Or it could be that the child has inherited what we call an immune hypersensitive constitution. In this case their immune system will have reacted to vaccines causing imbalance and a subsequent history of repeated infections, not only going into general inflammation mode, but resulting often in repeated courses of antibiotics. 

Antibiotics erode the gut bacteria. Healthy gut bacteria play an important role in the detoxification pathways, as well as also now being strong suspects in helping the formation of neurocognitive development via a healthy . 

At the very least they and stopping what is called "leaky gut syndrome" - a condition commonly identified in children with ASD and learning or behavioural difficulties decreases permeability of toxins into the body, and i absorbtion of essential nutrients. Heavy metals also contribute to permeable gut syndrome, which then make the gut even more permeable to further toxins. A vicious cycle. 

Then there are the ever present gut issues such as chronic constipation, diarrhoea, candida, strep, worms and other parasites. These are not a coincidence. They are a sequelae of the chronic inflammation and disordered gastro intestinal system. Each of these just on their own cause symptoms that are part of the autism spectrum expression. These issues contribute to further displacement of what we now know as "beneficial" bacteria in the gut. Another little vicious cycle. Stool tests often indicate unhealthy ratios of gut bacteria, or infections of the gut, and ASD kids can benefit from certain foods that promote good bacterial growth, as well as carefully chosen high quality probiotics. 

Their nutritional ratio is almost always out of order. There are essential nutrients that are often low, and giving supplements helps to remove obstacles to cure, and hasten improvement as the necessary ingredients are readily available.  Common conditions such as pyrole contribute to these chronic deficiencies and if they are identified they should be addressed. However it does need to be selective and I repeat that wide scale supplementation can often in itself be an obstacle. 


It sounds dire and complicated, but homeopathy has a unique way of simplifying treatment and making the body do just what it was inherently designed to, regardless of all of the issues that are contributing to what is being experienced. The treatment of each child is different depending on their individual symptoms, tests and history. This is where homeopathy is so effective as it is so individualised. 

In the majority of children, there is the need to use homeopathic detoxification to rid the child of the effects of neurotoxic substances such as heavy metals or vaccines, but not every child is suffering from the effects of the same metal, vaccine or other toxic substance. Giving the specific homeopathic implicated in the problem is much more effective for clearing the damage and reopening neurocognitive pathways than general detoxification protocols. Homeopathic detoxification is not like other forms of detoxification. 

Most treatment includes essential nutritional support, which mainly include anti inflammatory supplements such as vitamin C and zinc, and if required other B vitamin supplements, fish oil and selective essential nutrients. Supplementation is mainly limited to these basics, as I, and others using CEASE therapy have found that more complicated biomedical supplementation interferes with the therapeutic action of the homeopathic medicines which are the main catalyst for reversal and improvement of the more profound symptoms of developmental delay. 

The idea is to correct the imbalance, not to support it, and giving more complicated versions of the essential biochemical products such as enzymes and cofactors bypasses our natural mechanisms to make them from the essential nutrients which is what we are designed to do. Good homeopathic treatment will address the issues that are stopping the organs such as the liver to do what they are supposed to do.  

Getting the gut, kidney and liver into good shape is a priority. Homeopathic or herbal medicines may be given f0r this, including homeopathic treatment for issues such as candida or strep infections that may be present. It is important to clear these as they are what we call obstacles to cure, and in themselves contribute to ongoing vicious cycle of regression and delay. 

Constitutional medicines are given for issues such as attention, sleep, obsessions, anxiety and other symptoms that may be present. Even prior to detoxification, just these interventions themselves can have profound beneficial effects and often just on their own are able to completely reverse symptoms of autism or learning disease. 

Expectations of Treatment

Parents often ask what the treatment involves and the time frames involved. My answer to this is that treatment and time frames differ as much as no two individuals are alike. It can take a long time - 6 months up to a few years to get full reversal depending on the situation. There can be ups and downs, periods of great improvements, followed by periods of no change. However, you would usually see improvements quite soon after homeopathic treatment starts. Often within days or weeks. 

 A few examples of treatment example timeline: 

A child whom I started treating when he was 3y 6mo old was officially diagnosed just before his 3rd birthday. Soon after the mother made some dietary changes, cutting gluten and dairy which helped most definitely to stop what she described as the "slow regression into total oblivion" which she said started at 18 months and continued. Even so, at the start of homeopathic treatment he still had no language, no eye contact and was still high on the score of other ASD behaviours, including anxiety, inability to concentrate, fixed and repetitive behaviours, sleep issues, sensitivities to noises, as well as a range of physical issues including food intolerances, bowel issues and recurrent infections. He also tested positive for MTHFR gene, pyroluria and tested high in heavy metal toxicity tests. In other words, he was a pretty common presentation of an ASD child!

At age 4y 6mo (after 12 months of homeopathic treatment) he moved to another day care centre. The parents informed the centre of his diagnosed status of ASD and after two weeks at the centre the director contacted the mother to query this diagnosis asking for the relevant proof documentation. Eight months later at age 5 he started school. At this point the parents decided not to tell the school of his prior diagnosis and the school never raised any questions. He won an award for being a good reader at the end of kindy. Although the family still continue their dietary regime of generally dairy and gluten free, he has it often outside the home with no reactions. He still continues to develop happily and only occasionally takes a homeopathic medicine which I advise for at least 2 years after concentrated treatment ends. The whole treatment was done via Skype consultations as the family was in Brisbane. 

Master G 4 yo

Diagnosed ASD. Came with mild ASD symptoms including lining up of objects, stymming of hand flap and running back and forth when excited, anxiety around routine, very backward language/speech development and constant respiratory infections with numerous antibiotics. Eye contact, affection, and the desire for social interaction were still present. The parents identified a bad reaction to the varicella (chicken pox) vaccine (compounded by paracetamol given for this reaction) and a regression in speech delay and behaviours soon after this. A few supplements and a constitutional homeopathic saw dramatic improvement within a few weeks in stopping of infections, thus use of antibiotics, reduction of anxiety and stymming behaviours and noticeable improvement in language. Detoxification of the relevant vaccine saw a return of full language and normal behaviours. After 5 months of treatment he was well. 

Miss G 9 yo

Diagnosed ASD at age 4. Little eye contact. Understood what was being said but would not/ could not answer. Very intelligent. Oppositional. Prone to bouts of physical aggression and screaming. Very disordered gastro intestinal system including chronic constipation, and after testing identification of strep and candida. Also tested high in all heavy metals, but most especially mercury, arsenic and aluminium. MTHFR positive. No adverse vaccine reactions identified. 

Supplementation, gut clearing remedies, and constitutional homeopathics were given which made huge differences in all spheres, but mostly physical health and mood. Radical cognitive changes were made after heavy metal detoxification which continued for 9 months. Detox treatment has now stopped but constitutional treatment is still continued with further ongoing improvements.