REGISTERED CEASE THERAPIST.  CEASE - Complete Eradication of Autism Spectrum Expression

With long term experience and speciality in the homeopathic treatment of ASD, as well as issues such as PCCNOS, primary speech delay and childhood obsessive compulsive or anxiety behaviour has shown me that these conditions (all part of the same continuum of neurological, autoimmune dysfunction in my opinion) can be reversed completely using homeopathic medicines combined with nutritional supplementation and short term dietary regime.

Classical homeopathy has a good track record for the treatment of these issues as it is one of the few systems of medicine that encompass all of the spheres of illness - mental, emotional and physical. Homeopathy also treats the basis of cause of disease, rather than segmenting and bandaid treating the symptoms. However, as the modern day epidemic of these diseases continues to grow I have found it increasingly necessary to bring in other techniques to help deal with the complexity of cause and effect.

There is much debate about the causes of this epidemic of neurological diseases of children such as ASD but there has been some great research in the last five years, and the research is gathering pace. Note my use of the word disease, rather than disorder is deliberate. The word "disorder" in medicine is used commonly for a fixed condition that has no end. The word "disease" is used to describe an externally imposed condition that can be recovered from. This is my experience of ASD, and also my approach to the treatment of it.  

With every case there is a different story with some common threads. Heavy metals play a huge part and it is rare that I see an ASD child that is not high on the scale of heavy metals that are known neurotoxins such as aluminium, mercury or arsenic (most often all of them), after hair tissue or oligoscan. Homeopathic detoxification of these metals goes a very long way toward recovery. 

Vaccines are commonly implicated in this heavy metal accumulation as aluminium hydroxide is present in many vaccines, as was thimerosal (a mercury based adjuvant) but I have also seen unvaccinated children who have lived near a mining site show heavy metal toxicity and neurological symptoms from it. 

Then there are the ever present gut issues such as chronic constipation, diarrhoea, candida, strep, worms and other parasites such as blastocystis or d. fragilis, often accompanied by pain and bloating, or if not present at the time, a history of severe infant colic. These are not a coincidence. They are a sequelae of the chronic gut inflammation that is occurring which indicates general inflammation and autoimmune response. Each of these just on their own cause symptoms that are part of the autism spectrum expression including sleep issues, attention deficit issues, behavioural issues such as aggression, and difficulty assimilating nutrients, causing many ASD kids to be low in beneficial nutrients. Repairing these gut issues is a priority in 

These issues also contribute to displacement of what we now know as "beneficial" bacteria in the gut. Stool tests often indicate unhealthy ratios of gut bacteria, and ASD kids can benefit from certain foods that promote good bacterial growth, as well as carefully chosen high quality probiotics (based on stool test ratios). 

It is now becoming clearer that autism is really an autoimmune inflammatory disease that affects the brain. Autoimmune diseases are those diseases that occur when the immune system responds inappropriately, causing widespread or local inflammation, by either overreaction to benign environmental triggers - asthma, allergies, hay fever, or starts to attack the cells of the body rather than the invading pathogens which it is designed to do - rheumatoid arthritis, fybromyalgias, autism.


Inflammation increases membrane permeability, this includes both the gut and the blood/brain barrier. Not only is inflammation an issue in itself for brain development, it increases the ability for neurotoxins such as aluminium and mercury to enter the brain. The double whammy. 

Then there are the food allergies that are often present. More of the same, the deranged inflammatory autoimmune response that adds to the whole cascade.

Or, in many cases, just an immune system that is not working, leading to recurrent infections such as ear, nose, throat, UTI. Unfortunately many of these recurrent infections are treated with repeated courses of antibiotics, further eroding the already shaky gut biosis that compound unhealthy gut issues. 

There is a lot of discussion about autism being a genetic disease, and this is often given as the reason to parents for their child's development of autism. This is one of the most frustrating and in my mind, soul destroying and irresponsible things for a parent to hear, especially those who have no history of autism in their family, or started out with a normo cognitive child who regressed. Genetic cause is a "coffin sealing" statement and it is simply not true. It does not explain the increase from 1 in 50,ooo to 1 in 68, nor do the gene expressions themselves explain the biochemical reactions that are occurring with ASD. Certainly there can be a family history of autoimmune issues such as asthma and allergies, and more widespread genetic testing has identified genes that crop up more regularly in ASD kids such as MTHFR that predispose to the conditions that lead to autism. (Not unsurprising as it is involved in glutathione molecule production that helps to detoxify). But these are not the cause of autism per se. They are just a predisposition. Children with MTHFR can still be reversed from autism, and children still get autism without having MTHFR. 



The treatment of each child is different depending on their individual symptoms, tests and history. This is where homeopathy is so effective as it individualises treatment for each history.

In the majority of children, there is the need to use homeopathic detoxification to rid the child of the effects of neurotoxic substances such as heavy metals or vaccines, but not every child is suffering from the effects of the same metal, vaccine or other toxic substance. Giving the specific homeopathic to address specific neurotoxins implicated in the problem is much more effective for clearing the damage and reopening neurocognitive pathways. Homeopathic detoxification is not like other forms of general detoxification. 

Most treatment starts with essential nutritional support, including anti inflammatory supplements such as vitamin C, zinc and curcumin. Vitamin C and zinc also serve the purpose of boosting the immune function. Getting the gut, kidney and liver into good shape is a priority. Homeopathic constitutional medicines are given for issues such as attention, sleep, obsessions, anxiety and other symptoms that may be present. Even prior to detoxification, just these interventions themselves can have profound beneficial effects and often just on their own are able to completely reverse symptoms of autism or learning disease. 

Sometimes during case history, parents insist that there was a moment when their child flipped from a normal behaviour and development into autism behaviour. Or underwent a rapid regression (3 -4 months) from normal to autism. This is not uncommon and is often associated with what I call a toxic assault moment. This can be a moment when the child has experienced a toxic exposure and is simply not capable of dealing with it at the time. For example a multi vaccine given inappropriately whilst the child is under the weather or even just having had a course of antibiotics in the last 3 or 4 months. Identifying these in a history can be revealing. These are simple cases that require a detoxification and they can move rapidly into normo-cognative status if there are no other factors.

Others have a history of birth difficulties - drugs, caesar, antibiotics, trauma, including mother experiencing emotional trauma whilst pregnant. This can be followed by feeding issues, difficult infancy, often compounded with further antibiotic or other drugs and vaccines. A "never really well since birth" situation,  and a decline into ASD. Or a history of exposure to drugs in utero followed by vaccines, heavy metals, or antibiotics which erode the already shaky gut biosis. 

Expectations of Treatment

Parents often ask what the treatment involves and the time frames involved. My answer to this is that treatment and time frames differ as much as no two individuals are alike. It can take a long time - 6 months up to a few years. There can be ups and downs, periods of great improvements, followed by periods of no change. 

Treatment example

A child whom I started treating when he was 3y 6mo old was officially diagnosed just before his 3rd birthday. Soon after the mother made some dietary changes, cutting gluten and dairy which helped most definitely to stop what she described as the "slow regression into total oblivion" which she said started at 18 months and continued. Even so, at the start of homeopathic treatment he still had no language, no eye contact and was still high on the score of other ASD behaviours, including anxiety, inability to concentrate, fixed and repetitive behaviours, sleep issues, sensitivities to noises, as well as a range of physical issues including food intolerances, bowel issues and recurrent infections. He also tested positive for MTHFR gene, pyroluria and tested high in heavy metal toxicity tests. In other words, he was a pretty common presentation of an ASD child!

At age 4y 6mo (after 12 months of homeopathic treatment) he moved to another day care centre. The parents informed the centre of his diagnosed status of ASD and after two weeks at the centre the director contacted the mother to query this diagnosis asking for the relevant proof documentation. Eight months later at age 5 he started school. At this point the parents decided not to tell the school of his prior diagnosis and the school never raised any questions. He won an award for being a good reader at the end of kindy. Although the family still continue their dietary regime of generally dairy and gluten free, he has it often outside the home with no reactions. He still continues to develop happily and only occasionally takes a homeopathic medicine which I advise for at least 2 years after concentrated treatment ends. The whole treatment was done via Skype consultations as the family was in Brisbane.