shutterstock_103118570Does your child suffer from chronic persistent bedwetting?

Chances are you have been told that it is perfectly normal, they will grow out of it, and there is nothing to be done.

Bedwetting may not be uncommon but it can have profound effects on the child and the family.

Some children continue to wet into high school and beyond. Even young children can be affected in their confidence and socialisation activities from chronic bedwetting. And it can test the patience of the most understanding parent.

The development of continence through the night is an important milestone. The lack of it in some children may be a reaction to identified stress, and may come and go, but for many children it is a physical reaction of unknown cause that can be sporadic or continuous from birth, but never resolves.

Whatever the cause, it is treatable with Homeopathy

And it doesn’t involve hormone nasal sprays, alarms, or drinking regimes.

Homeopathy will aim to correct the root cause of the bedwetting – be it physical or emotional.

Many years ago, my introduction to Homeopathy was through my own son who had wet the bed just about every day since birth. School camps and sleepovers were a nightmare for him, and the potential transition to high school was causing enormous stress – as there was to be a camp in the first week.

I had tried all forms of non drug intervention before this - alarms, psychological, bladder training. Steroid nasal spray was offered as the last solution.

Within 3 days of Homeopathic treatment he had his first 5 days in a row of complete nighttime continence. I considered this to be nothing short of miraculous. He went on from there in leaps and bounds both for this and in other areas of his development under Homeopathic treatment. This introduction to this marvellous medical science led me  to become a Homeopath as I was amazed that such a gentle benign treatment could be so powerful and encompassing.

Over a decade later I have helped bedwetting children like my son since, from young children up to teenagers, as well as many others to achieve deep and lasting results. So it was a blessing in disguise as far as I am concerned.