When a normal, healthy, feeding and sleeping baby suddenly starts to “arc up”  they may be experiencing colic:

Colic is a benign but distressing condition that occurs in infants, that usually occurs between 2 weeks and 3 months old.  Their immature gastro intestinal system can become irritated. This causes pain, which can be griping, or of a sudden, sharp or “colicky” nature. It can come and go. It is thought that sometimes the immature gut finds it difficult to deal with the digestive processes required of it - moving through the nutrient substances and gas. Their little organs are still learning how to work properly.

The right Homeopathic medicine can deal quickly and effectively with the pain and distress of colic, and stimulate proper gastro intestinal function. And it is very safe for your baby. A short drop in consultation will ascertain the right medicine to take home and keep on hand to avoid long sleepless days and nights for mother and baby.

It helps to be observant of your babies symptoms to aid in the correct choice of Homeopathic remedy for maximum relief and effect. The type of questions that may be asked are:

  • Do they arch back or draw legs up during episodes?
  • Are their particular times of the day, or particular feeds where it is better or worse?
  • Are their particular positions that are better or worse?
  • How irritable or distressed do they get - continuous grizzle or downright screaming (and all in between)?
  • Their nappy contents  - colour, smell, looseness.
  • Do they get abdominal bloating, hardness or flatulence?
  • And digestive habits - frequency of passing of stool, appetite etc.
  • Any other peculiar little things that are unique and individual to the temperament and constitution of your baby can help too.

Sometimes changing the mother’s diet also helps, although I have found that  many mothers who swear to a strict diet of avoidance of known irritants can still have terribly colicky babies. Anecdotaly, things that have been found to aggravate colic symptoms are stimulants, caffeine, alcohol, spicy foods, and cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, kale, brussel sprouts, which can cause production of gas.

Giving a warm bath and a gentle stomach massage may also help to relax the baby.


“My beautiful peaceful little 6 week old baby woke up one day, and just started screaming.

This went on for days. Nothing was found wrong with her. She wouldn't sleep or be put down. The whole house was getting near to complete collapse after the fourth night of constant crying and walking. The next morning I saw Kylie and straight after the second dose of the medicine, she passed an enormous amount of wind! I was surprised that someone that small could have such a large amount! She then dropped straight off to sleep and slept solidly for 5 hours. She must have been even more exhausted than me. When she woke, she was a different baby. This stressful experience has actually turned out to be a great thing for all of us, as from that moment on we were hooked on Homeopathy, and have used it to treat the whole family. We are now a family that has not had panadol, worm medicines, or antibiotics since. And my oldest son got through a whole winter without using an asthma puffer.”