Cystitis or UTI


Common symptoms of cystitis, or urinary tract infection can include a burning sensation, pain in the bladder region to sharp pain (often before, during or after urination) frequency of urination, constant feeling of urge to urinate with little or no urine, and temperature and malaise or exhaustion.

The most common reason for cystitis in women is by bacterial infection of E Coli, which is always present in large numbers in the bowel. The short distance between the bowel opening, and the urinary opening make women much more susceptible than men to E Coli infection in this area. Sexual intercourse can be an aggravating factor.

Re-Occurring Infections

Some women are very susceptible to them, and a situation can start to develop where they get continual reoccurrences of infection and symptoms.

Conventional medical treatment involves antibiotics to clear the infection, and if it reoccurs after this then further and stronger antibiotics are prescribed. Often over the counter medications to attempt to reduce acidity are also given, and the advice to "wipe the right way".

This often does not address the issue though, and begs the question as to why many women who do not follow this regime do not get UTI’s. It is confirmation that causes go deeper than just the explanation of bacterial infection. After all, E C0li is always present, in all women, and a harmoniously functioning system has everything within it to prevent cystitis occurring from bacterial infection.

I have found the symptoms of acute cystitis very easy to treat with Homeopathic medicine, and it works just as quickly as an antibiotic if not faster to relieve the acute symptoms.

It also seems to stop the recurrent cycle of it, and I have given a Homeopathic as an intervention in the third or fourth round of recurrent UTI treated previously with antibiotics. It has not only treated the symptoms of the infection without recourse to antibiotics, but stopped any further reoccurrence.

This is a result of Homeopathy's ability to work at deeper levels of disease to restore the balance of the harmoniously functioning system.

If a further reoccurrence does occur, after the intervention, the acute homeopathic medicine, combined with an intercurrent designed to stop the recurrence, has been successful in I would say over 90% of my patients that persevere with the treatment for chronic cystitis.

The ability of Homeopathy to restore balance will depend very much on the individual symptoms of each person. The selection of the individual medicine, strength, and frequency of dose is important to achieving success. Trying to attempt this without consultation with a professional Homeopath often fails to achieve the results.

Certain health conditions or pharmaceutical drugs have a reported side effect of higher incidence of cystitis, and are believed to be contributing factors here. Homeopathy can still be effective in relieving the symptoms of cystitis where there are deeper complications or drug side effects involved.

Clinical homeopathic evidence all over the world  backs this up. There are a number of double blind studies to show it to be highly effective in this area too.

Scientific Study Proves that Homeopathy Effectively Treats Bladder Infections

Ustianowski PA. A clinical trial of Staphysagria in postcoital cystitis. Br Homeopath J . 1974;63:276–277.

A 1-month, single-blind, placebo-controlled study of 200 women who complained of developing bladder infections after sexual intercourse evaluated the effectiveness of Staphysagria 30c. 1 The results were positive. In the treatment group, 90% of the participants ceased developing bladder-related symptoms, 8% were very much better, and 2% remained unchanged—a much better outcome than in the placebo group.