Ear Infection and Glue Ear


Ear infections and glue ear seem to be at almost epidemic proportions in the Australian health landscape in this day, especially for children.

The surgical intervention of the insertion of “grommets”- tubes through the ear tympanum to drain pus and fluid from the middle ear, is now a most common surgery.

I, and many other Sydney Homeopaths have continued to treat acute ear infection and glue ear so effectively, it is surprising that any informed person would choose any other method of treatment. Many world health institutions are now recommending Homeopathy as the first line of treatment in ear infection, due to its clinical evidence and double blind studies of effectiveness.

And it is without antibiotics or surgical intervention! Safe gentle and most effective.

I have found it to halt both the acute and continual reoccurence in children with treatment, as it seems to address both the flare up, and the  constitutional weakness and susceptibility. This has implications that extends well into other areas of their life, as well as of course, halting the continual progressive rounds of antibiotic treatment.

Chronic Ear Infection and Glue Ear

Ear infection is caused by bacterial infection in the middle ear. The most common symptom, and alerting factor for ear infection (otitis media) is pain in the ear. It is often very intense, and most certainly cannot be ignored. Acute ear infection can also display the symtpoms of redness, swelling, and accumulation of fluid or pus in the ear. The ear drum can become red, slightly transparent, and bulging.

Children and infants are much more prone to ear infection.  The distance between the ear, and the nose and throat (entry points for bacteria), via the Eustachian tube, is much shorter than in adults.

Chronic middle ear infection (chronic otitis media) can be a result of constant recurrent ear infections or can develop for other reasons. It can be be painless, or have mild or transient pain involved.

Chronic or recurrent middle ear infection can result  in a permanent accumulation of pus and fluid in the middle ear (termed glue ear).Glue ear can result in significant loss of hearing.  For young children especially this is serious as it can have an impact on their language and learning. This is often the reason stated for surgical intervention (grommets).

Although not so compelling due to their fully developed language skills, hearing loss from glue ear will also be problematic and inconvenient for adults.

Studies have shown Homeopathy to be more effective than standard antibiotic treatments, for the acute treatment of ear infection, and  in the treatment of chronic, or recurrent ear infection.

For many doctors, the treatment of ear infection by Homeopathy is their first introduction as to its effectiveness.