My approach has been successful in its application to remove the symptoms of this transition.  Homeopathic Medicines reduce or remove symptoms of menopause. As it is an essentially minute dosage, that cannot do more than work with the raw materials of the body itself,  it must stimulate  and fast track the process of dormant oestrogen pathways. By working with the body's own mechanisms, the proper transition is stimulated, which in some women may be out of balance or not working at all.

Some of the emotional and mental symptoms surface as a result of long standing and deeply unresolved issues, and others may just appear out of the blue. Homeopathy addresses all of the layers, therefore all of the symptoms.

Addressing emotional or mental issues during this time is not a bad thing, as it can be a time of deep understanding of self that contributes to the emergence of real self, and can shape the direction of the up to the next 40 years of life,      -(half a life!).

My observation is that in fact treating all of the layers, including natural stimulation of these dormant pathways, not only helps with the side effects of the menopausal transition, but also adds to a more wholistic and satisfying positive health and emotional outcome in the post menopause years.

When the ovaries stop producing oestrogen, the levels drop dramatically. This, and the unregulated "last ditch" surges of oestrogen that occur at this time, are responsible for the symptoms of peri menopause such as flushes, tiredness, skin and hair changes. Oestrogen has a profound effect on the human body. It can be highly protective, (note many diseases that women have a far lesser incidence of),  but if it is not working at its equilibrium it can cause many symptoms and problems. As a Gyneacologist once observed to me - "Women live longer from oestrogen, and suffer more for it"  .

There is no better example of the mind/body link in disease when it comes to the female hormonal system, oestrogen, and menopause. Many of the prominent symptoms include depression, anxiety, memory issues, energy depletion, lack of enthusiasm, a lack of belief in self and purpose, and a reduction in sexual desire and physical affection.

The ovaries are not the only organ that is capable of producing oestrogen. It's just that during the reproductive years there is no need to use them as there is enough being produced by the ovaries. A healthy transition involves stimulating dormant pathways in the body for oestrogen production, and using the lesser amounts of it more efficiently. This is what the female body was built to do. This is different from Hormone Replacement Therapy, which gives artificial doses to replace the production of oestrogen by the ovaries. Perhaps this is why HRT has an increased incidence of certain cancers - it is imposing an artificial amount of hormone on cells that just aren't built to deal with it.

In a prospective study 82% of 102 patients reported improvement of menopause symptoms after homeopathic treatment. Main symptoms noted were hot flushes, sweats, tiredness, anxiety, sleeping difficulties, mood swings and headaches.

Women referred to Homeopathy were either those who could not take HRT, for whom HRT was not successful, or who did not want or had to come off HRT. Mean length of Homeopathic treatment was 5 months.

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