Menstrual problems


The female hormonal system defines who we are, and generally it maintains its own healthy balance. But there are very few women who have not experienced pre menstrual syndrome, and some really suffer. Given that it can be experienced for up to a week or so, 12 times a year, adds up to a lot of down function and suffering time for many women!

What surprises me the most in my clinic experience is that so many women suffer for years without trying to treat it, perhaps because they have been told that there is only one treatment – the hormone pill, If only they had known about Homeopathy earlier they may have saved themselves years of suffering.

Every woman’s experience of PMS is different, and this is where Homeopathy is unique in its ability to treat it as it addresses the individual responses, on all layers of the physical, emotional and mental sphere.

Often the emotional and mental flare ups of PMS can be an aggravation of deeper unresolved responses to particular issues.

A well selected Homeopathic medicine will regulate the hormonal aspects of menstruation, ameliorating the symptoms of physical discomfort such as pain, bloating, and irregularity, and can also help to resolve the emotional symptoms, contributing to deep and powerful healing in all areas of life.