Respiratory Infections


Did you know that the most popular over the counter flu medicine in Germany is a Homeopathic Medicine?

Some people really dread “cold and flu” season. Children especially can get into a pattern of one upper respiratory illness after another.

These recurrent episodes can also lead to ear problems, sinusitis, tonsillitis  and lower respiratory complications such as chronic coughs, bronchitis, and chest infections.

They become an exhausting drain on the constitution, and a merry- go -round of antibiotics and decongestants.

These substances treat the symptoms but not the cause. For some, their constitutional weakness lies in their respiratory system. They will experience colds and flus more regularly, and these will quickly be followed by secondary bacterial infection, going to the chest, or sinuses rather than resolving after the initial viral infection of the cold or flu.

I find it interesting to observe in my cases, that they always end up developing the same symptoms – the cold will always turn into a chronic cough in some, or bronchitis, or asthma in others. Or sinusitis in yet others.

The treatment of uncomplicated viral (or primary bacterial complication), of colds, coughs and flus with Homeopathy, I have found to be simple and effective. An acute consultation will usually ascertain the most appropriate medicine and support a quick, easy recovery.

With some, the treatment of the acute illness using Homeopathy can often help to address the chronic recurrent tendencies, but for others it requires a deeper look at the whole constitutional picture, and medicines to address this.

By taking the whole picture of a person's respiratory responses into account, as well as such things as their energy, moods, stresses, anxieties, diet, sleep patterns and family history, we can really start to get deep constitutional healing.  Often the first thing people report is a boost in energy, enthusiasm and changed reactions to the way they handle stress and anxiety. The physical benefits then flow on from this, and the reoccurrence of respiratory illnesses and their severity start to reduce or disappear.