Homeopathy For…

“The long-term benefit of homeopathy to the patient is that it not only alleviates the presenting symptoms but it re-establishes internal order at the deepest levels and thereby provides a lasting cure.”
George Vithoulkas, Founder and Director, International Academy of Classical Homeopathy

Infants and Children

Homeopathy can not only treat the symptoms of childhood illnesses gently by strengthening their natural responses but support the building of a strong, robust immune system.


A woman's design allows us to bear children, care and nurture them, and often all around us. These abilities and demands can also be a toll on our health, and come with their own unique issues.


This is a time of great transition and upheaval. Hormone levels are surging, and it can be a roller coaster of emotional experiences and physical challenges, ranging from acne to more extreme such as eating disorders.


Our society imposes a lot of pressure on men and boys... Whether this makes them more susceptible to stress related chronic conditions, they certainly carry the burden for them statistically.