Our society imposes a lot of pressure on men and boys as having to provide, and perform, as well as the pressures of masculine life that can result in destructive behaviours. Whether this makes them more susceptible to stress related chronic conditions, they certainly carry the burden for them statistically.

This includes depression, and suicidal tendency.

The symptoms of many chronic diseases are treated all over the world using Homeopathy, reducing the need for medication and pharmaceutical intervention, increasing positive outcomes, and quality of life. But the earlier men seek help, the better the outcome.

In the clinic I have successfully treated the symptoms of:

  • Benign prostatic hypertrophy
  • High blood pressure
  • Headaches
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Insomnia

Young boys and teenage boys suffer much more from issues such as bedwetting, acne, aggression, anger, and behavioral or mental disorders like Autism spectrum, ADD and ADHD. As to why that is the case is cause for endless speculation, but it remains a fact. These have all had positive resolutions and outcomes in my clinic, based on a program of treatment.

Interesting information on the treatment of Autism with Homeopathy, and the treatment protocol that I use:

CEASE THERAPY   (Complete Elimination of Autistic Spectrum Expression)

Research into the effectiveness of treatment of depression with Homeopathy using clinical trial methods is limited, due to the difficulty in designing scientific trials that encompass both the complexity of individual experiences of depression, and complexity in the highly individualized method of treatment used by Homeopathy.

However large amounts of empirical, and clinical case studies have been built up over 200 years, amounting in hundreds of thousands, that show highly effective individual Homeopathic treatment for symptoms of depression.

Men come for treatment of other issues such as insomnia and digestive problems but below this can lie depression, anxiety, feelings of inadequacy, anger or other emotional issues.

Selecting a Homeopathic treatment that encompasses all of the layers, will address the physical complaint, and may help to deal with underlying issues, boosting overall mood, energy and reducing stress levels.

Justin,  42, Chronic Insomniac – 1.5 years later

I had insomnia since my teens and it has been a big problem through my life. When I saw Kylie I was getting bouts of insomnia every couple of weeks, and when I was stressed, it was night after night.

When she saw me she questioned me about my anxieties and a feeling of depression which I realised I have felt most of my life, but which I thought was just normal.

When I first took her medicine I got this massive boost of energy and felt like I was a different person. My energy and enthusiasm for everything increased massively. I actually didn’t sleep for a few days, but it was OK. I felt good. Since then my insomnia has disappeared, except for occasional nights when I get really stressed over the normal triggers. A dose of the medicine calms it down straight away. I no longer have those prolonged bouts of insomnia, and I feel like I handle my life much better. I am more productive, make better decisions and feel better about myself.