Pregnancy, Childbirth and Breastfeeding


Homeopathy can assist you in:


stock-illustration-4612002-being-pregnantHow many times have drugs which we were told are perfectly safe to take during pregnancy  turned out to have side effects for the developing foetus? Even the taking of herbs and natural products can be contra indicated during this time.  And the clinical trials that say they are safe unfortunately are only proven wrong too late.

The good news for pregnant women is that in 200 years of use, and thousands of cases (the best clinical trial of safety that there is!) no Homeopathic medicine has ever caused any side effects to a developing baby. It has relieved the suffering of  many grateful women, and got them through what can be a very tough period.  Its very gentleness, safeness and non toxicity, is in sharp contrast to its very real relief  for conditions such as:

  • morning sickness,
  • constipation,
  • acid reflux and heartburn,
  • haemorrhoids,
  • back pain,
  • anxieties and mood swings,
  • acne breakouts due to hormonal fluctuations.

There is a belief that the state of the mother during pregnancy can affect the child, and this state can continue long after birth, and into life. Gentle relief of difficult conditions, or deep constitutional treatment during this time  promotes the optimum conditions for entry into life, and can be of profound benefit for both mother and baby.

It is important to consult your Doctor or Midwife if you experience severe or persistent symptoms.


There are some great Homeopathic medicines to help deal with possible issues that arise during childbirth such as pain, exhaustion, slow dilating cervix, nausea, and vomiting.   A consultation will give you a birth kit of remedies and set of instructions for their indication of use during the labour.

It is preferable to have the birth partner present, as they will often be the ones making the decisions during this time, as the “impartial observer”.

After the birth can be a time of great hormonal, physical and emotional changes. Homeopathy can help rebalance the body at all levels and promote swift recovery. Some of the areas where Homeopathy can help include:

  • recovery from the labour and birth itself, which can include exhaustion and bruised pains,
  • easing pain and discomfort and speeding recovery from caesarian section,
  • breastfeeding problems,
  • post natal depression.


Helping women with issues of breastfeeding helps then to maintain  this important process until they themselves are ready to wean.

Two common acute physical complaints that often contribute to early weaning, where Homeopathic intervention has helped many mothers, is cracked sore nipples, and mastitis. (Click here for more information and a good case on the treatment of mastitis.)

Issues such as milk production,  mothers anxieties around feeding, babies rejection of breast, or  breast milk intolerance  are also significant contributors to early or reluctant weaning of the infant. These can all be gently and safely resolved with good Homeopathic treatment for either mother or infant, or sometimes both.