This is a time of great transition and upheaval. Hormone levels are surging, and it can be a roller coaster of emotional experiences and physical challenges, ranging from acne to more extreme such as eating disorders.

Homeopathy can help to regulate the transition from puberty to adulthood, laying down the basis for solid reproductive and emotional health.

Issues to do with confidence, socialisation, destructive behaviour, anxieties around exams, performance anxiety and depression have all shown to respond positively to Homeopathic intervention.

Hypoglycaemia - a commonly undiagnosed problem with teenage males that can cause many behavioural symptoms

Have you ever wondered why your teenage male can be a lovely young man one instant, and an angry, aggressive stranger the next?

It is often put down to testosterone, and yes this does play a part, but testosterone can be a contributor to  one issue which is often overlooked that can actually cause these behaviours, ruling out deeper issues, which is Hypoglycaemia.

Hypoglycaemia is where blood sugar levels drop rapidly. It can cause anger, aggression, and fluctuating behaviours, and teenage boys (perhaps due to their genetic makeup combined with testosterone) are prone to it.  Eating large amounts of protein and carbs is legendary amongst teenage boys, but there is a physical reason. Their body craves and requires it, and uses them up very quickly.

Providing constant supply in smaller amounts of  low GI carbs, and proteins, rather than the 2-3 meals a day can work wonders for this, but a homeopathic treatment to regulate and balance the  hormones associated with its cause goes even further, as it addresses an imbalance which can carry on through their lives.

Anorexia - the scourge of our young women.

Anorexia is a problem that is at epidemic proportions amongst teenage girls especially. My homeopathic treatment of this terrible problem with our young women is to provide homeopathic constitutional support  that addresses changing their deep seated response to confidence issues and body image using sensation therapy, as part of a wholistic approach of therapy which may include psychological and nutritional support, and if acute - medical and hospital support.

Young boys and teenage boys suffer much more from issues such as bedwettingacne, aggression, anger, and behavioral or mental disorders like Autism spectrum, ADD and ADHD. As to why that is the case is cause for endless speculation, but it remains a fact.