Childhood Immunisations

Immunisation is a term used to describe an introduced method of disease prevention with the aim of providing immunity without actually getting the disease itself.

Before the concept of artificial immunisation the only way to be completely immune to a disease, (that is, not get it even if you are exposed to it) was to have already had it before. 

The Australian Government endorsed method of immunisation is the method of  "vaccination", with a recommended schedule of particular vaccines, ranging from single, one disease antigen in a vaccine - (eg the Hepatitis B vaccine given straight after birth), or multiple disease antigen vaccines - up to 3 or 4 or now even 8 disease antigens in a single vaccine , such as  Measles, Mumps, and German Measles (Rubella) -  MMR, or the current Infantrix Hexa which combines six disease antigens in one vaccine.

In Australia parents have the ability to choose their immunisation method - whether to vaccinate according to the recommended schedule, to selectively vaccinate, or to use other methods of immunisation. 

The method of immunisation I provide is Homeoprophylaxis. It involves giving homeopathic medicines including homeopathic versions of the disease substance (nosodes). This method has been used for many years around the world and the current disease immunisation schedule is based on the work of Dr Isaac Golden. 

I use the immunisation protocol developed by Dr Golden as it has been rigorously tested and verified  over a 20 year study as being currently the most effective and safest method of providing homeopathic immunisation. For  those interested in Homeoprophylaxis and Dr Golden's work there is a very informative research point and consideration of alternatives to vaccination website. Read about his work - Natural Immunisation Research. 

 His results have found that those children who were immunised with Homeoprophylaxis have a similar rate of incidence of childhood disease as those who have been vaccinated, and a lower rate of incidence than those who used no form of immunisation.

He also found that children that used Homeoprophylaxis had a lower rate of incidence of asthma, eczema, ear infections, allergies and behavioural problems than those who were vaccinated.

For information and advice from the Australian Govt on vaccinations and immunisation visit: Review Australian Government advice and information about Vaccination.

The decision as to how and to what, to immunise your child is a serious decision for all parents, and the best way to approach is is to research it thoroughly. It is a very personal decision that only a parent can choose. I encourage parents to thoroughly research all options. 

I do not advocate for any method of immunisation. I support all methods including full vaccination, full homeopathic, or anything in between. I can provide evidence based information for those parents wishing to research immunisation, and can provide the HP for those who choose this method. 

Due to recent changes to Australian Govt legislation, parents who choose not to follow the full Australian recommended vaccine schedule are not able to claim family tax benefit part B.

In NSW some child care centres require evidence of up-to-date vaccine records before they accept a child. For child care purposes, you may be able to exempt your child from the vaccine schedule for medical reasons. Speak to your GP about this.

In NSW, for child care purposes you may also claim conscientious objection from the NSW Govt. The form is available on the NSW Govt Health website: